The Process

In case of fire, flood or vandalism there are 3 steps you should take:

  1. Call Police, Fire or other emergency services as required.
  2. Contact your insurance representative to inform them of the situation and make arrangements for their appraisal of the damage.
  3. When the immediate danger has passed, secure the building to prevent further damage. Such action is often required by your insurance company. Contact a professional restoration company (Foley Restoration) to assist you in securing your home and belongings and to work with your insurance representative in estimating the cost of repairs.

What to Expect

As you might expect, there are a number of forms, which your insurance and restoration experts will discuss with you to manage the work process. This ensures that both you and they are fully aware of the amount and scope of work to be done, timelines, and the outcomes expected.

Your insurance representative will meet with you to assess damages, discuss your policy particulars and take a statement from you as to what occurred. A 'Work Authorization' is required to allow a restoration company to begin immediate emergency clean up and stabilization of your property. This may involve extraction of water, drying of the building using specialized dehumidification equipment, air scrubbing and cleaning of affected items and areas.

This authorization is an agreement between you and the service provider (Foley Restoration) to carry out emergency services to stabilize the situation. In a situation where no insurance funds are forthcoming, you will be responsible for payment. Don't be afraid to ask questions of your insurance and restoration representatives. They are there to help you make the best possible decisions for your long-term well being.

When you buy an insurance policy you agree to pay the first portion of any loss. The amount of the 'Deductible' you choose often affects the amount of the premium you pay. This deductible applies only once per occurrence regardless of how many items are claimed. Example: if your deductible is $500 and the total covered claim is $2000 the insurance company would pay $1500. In most cases, your insurance adjuster will give you specific direction as to how and when you pay your deductible.

Once all the paper work is completed and the full process is explained, your home or business will be put back together as quick as possible.