Live Fire Demo

Foley Restoration DKI was proud to participate in the live fire burn demonstration at the recent OIAA function in Deerhurst, ON held on Friday, May 8, 2015.  The demonstration showed two identically staged units with the exception that one was equipped with a sprinkler system and the other was not.

The local Fire Department was on hand to ensure the burn demonstration was carried out safely and extinguished properly. The demonstration began with the firefighters igniting the unit without the sprinkler system first.  The viewing audience were astounded at the speed with which the fire spreak and how within mere moments the entire unit was engulfed in flames.  The visualization of this potentially being your own house really drove the point home.

Once the fire in this unit was extinguished, the firefighters then proceeded to ignite the unit that had the sprinkler system.  To see the sprinkler system kick in and put out the fire before it even got going couldn't have been a more impactful way of proving that sprinkler systems work and save lives and property!

The demonstration was a tremendous success in emphasizing the importance and relevance of sprinkler systems in building structures.  A big thank you goes out to all the organizers and volunteers in making this live fire burn demonstration such a great success!