Foley Restoration DKI Turns Silver

A company anniversary is a special event no matter what the number.  But when that anniversary is a 25th milestone, a celebration is definitely in order!

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Foley Restoration DKI! To have the honour of celebrating a 25th anniverary denotes not just the ordinary day-to-day business that adds so much value to our communities and customers but also the combined creativity, diligence, passion and commitment of the staff that support and promote our services.

Throughout the years we have watched Foley Restoration DKI strengthen and thrive but also face its share of challenges and obstacles.  With each new challenge, we saw the opportunity to evolve and change to meet the demands of the uniquely dynamic industry in which we have carved our place in.  Not only did we overcome these hurdles thrown in our path, be we grew stronger than ever!

Now, solidly entering our 25th year, we are proud to wear the Foley Restoration DKI name on our sleeves and to have such a strong, dynamic team backing our company name.  While today we enjoy the "silver" lining of our current achievement, there is no doubt that we'll be basking in the "golden" warmth in the future!