Portraits of Giving

Foley Restoration DKI staff recently had the pleasure of being in attendance as Mike and Kelly Foley were honoured with the Portraits of Giving award.  The annual event, which was founded and is hosted by Merk Photography, takes place in a number of communities across York Region to recognize and celebrate individuals who demonstrate Social Responsibility.  The initiative inspires leaders and individuals to keep giving back to their local communities.

The event was held at the beautiful new Town Hall building in King Township on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 and was sponsored by John's No Frills of Nobleton and Priestly Demolition.

Mike and Kelly Foley's ongoing generosity and support within their local community is part of the many reasons why this award is so well deserved.  When asked to share a few words of wisdom, Mike and Kelly offered "Support those who need a helping hand by joining your local programs. And teach your children about the importance of giving back.  It is very rewarding when you can help others."

Additionally, as part of the award, a donation to a charity of their choice was also included.  Mike and Kelly opted to have their donation directed to their local Masonic Lodge to go towards the Child Identification Program (ChIP). This valuable program provides parents a free-of-charge kit of identification aids (fingerprint card, physical description, DVD, dental imprint, and a DNA sample) on their child(ren).  The purpose of the kit is to provide critical information to law enforcement in the unthinkable event that a child goes missing.  The kit and process is done in the strictest confidence with the kit being given directly to the parents for safe keeping and all information collected on the portable computers are removed immediately.  

For more photos from this wonderful event, please visit our Facebook page.

Congratulations Mike and Kelly on this well earned recognition!